Mr. Trumps campaign efforts are showing prominent signs of collapse in Michigan polls. Secretary Clinton leads 44% of support from likely voters while Trump is about 11 percentage points lower at 33.3%. This poll is following both the weekend GOP crisis regarding Trump making extremely sexist comments about women and the Presidential debate Sunday evening.

Following the scandal, most Michigan Republican leaders continue to stick with Trump including Michigan Attorney General Bob Schuette and chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. The statements made were clearly “appalling,” as Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette would put it. But if you’re not with em’ you’re against em’, and most republicans couldn’t stomach giving up the election to Clinton.

More shockingly, some Michigan Republicans have withdrawn from supporting Trump, and have gone as far to say he should quit the race. Of this list includes Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

Calley stated, “the latest revelations about Donald Trump and his past make it impossible for me to maintain support of him.”

U.S. Reps. Fred Upton and Justin Amash also called on Trump to quit the race. According to a survey administered by Glengariff Group, when asked, 1 in 4 Republicans said he should drop out of the race.  Half of all female voters said he should get out.


The gender gap in the polls is unlike any election before. Many women, rightfully so, find it difficult to support Trump due his prominent sexism against women. Trump supporters surfaced a horrendous hashtag, #repealthe19th, earlier this week.

Hillary is not gaining support in the state. Her place in the polls has been relatively consistent. The Republican Party is loosing voters.

Third party nominee, Gary Johnson has garnered 9% of votes. Many are coming from fall out from the GOP.