It has certainly been a tough past three weeks for Republican nominee Donald Trump. It started with a poor debate performance,  and then continued with the disastrous Access Hollywood tape recording. This week, at least ten women have come forward alleging that Trump has sexual harassed them. While most would assume that this behavior would ruin anyone running for president, Trump is only trailing Clinton by four points nationally. Yet, there is little to no way Trump can win the upcoming election and here is why.

Trump has appealed to his niche group of voters; white, male Americans with only a high school diploma as well as die hard republican voters. This group of voters, who are perhaps his most loyal voters, do not care about the recent issues. Yet, to win a presidential election, you cannot only have the support of a niche group. You have to gain support of a number of groups. Trump, has failed miserably at this. Trump has polled terribly with women, notably after the release of the tape, which is bad news for him because more women vote in general elections than men. Furthermore, Trump has lacked spreading a message that adheres to many groups needs. He has little to no support when it comes to minority groups. Hispanic voters have been increasingly crucial in elections in recent years, and yet Trump has not seemed to reach out to the group. To add to that, Trump has failed when it comes to appealing to African American voters. Not only does he seem to associate them with inner cities, whenever he is asked, but he also refers to them as the African Americans.


Trump’s most recent focus seems to be on Bill Clinton and the women who allege that he sexually assaulted them. Yet, when it comes to the public, 67 percent have said that that the issues regarding Bill Clinton are not legitimate topics in this debate. To add to that, 62 percent of the public believes that the issue of how Hillary treated the women, is not relevant in this election. With that being said, it is clear to see that Trump is attempting to focus on issues that the American people do not care about. It should be interesting to see if Trump will attempt to change his message and gain some voters, yet at this point it is safe to assume that that would be very difficult.