With the increasing troubles that Donald Trump is having, Hillary Clinton decided to step up her game in the state of Texas.

She is setting up 30-second ads to run in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio for the next week, but may decide to continue after. They will also be running online in the state.

These are some of the most likely areas in the state for her to be able to claim because they are the urban metropolitan centers, so it makes sense that it is where she has decided to use her resources.

Part of the focus of her advertisement is the recent endorsement of her by the Dallas Morning News, a paper that has, for the past 75 years, always endorsed a Republican candidate.

Trump is currently estimated to be leading by close to 4 points, as opposed to the most recent candidates Romney and McCain, who had 16 and 12-point leads respectively. The last presidential nominee that won Texas’ electoral college votes was Jimmy Carter 40 years ago.