One of the most prominent concerns regarding Hillary Clinton throughout the course of this presidential election are the emails she sent from a private server while she was the US Secretary of State.

As it would seem, the concern has done anything but come to a close.

As of this evening, it has been released that the FBI was contacted by a State Department official with the intent to change the classification of one of the emails. Evidently, the official offered to increase personnel in Iraq, by previous FBI request, if the department would change the classification.

There did not end up being a trade between the State Department official and the FBI, but this didn’t stop Donald Trump from pouncing on the opportunity to make his rival look bad. He used this in order to express that the system itself is incredibly corrupted, supporting one of the things that he has been claiming since the end of the primaries.

Of course, there have been disagreements for a while regarding the level of classification of the emails between departments, which resulted in what can be considered over classification by many. It turns out that the FBI decided they would not publicize any further details of the encounter, other than the consideration of what they claimed not to be a quid pro quo.