On top of being a pivotal state for the Presidential election, Pennsylvania also holds a lot of importance for the state of the Senate.

Democratic challenger Katie McGinty has been challenging incumbent Republican Senator Pat Toomey for his seat.  And to this point, she has done a pretty good job at it.  McGinty currently holds a slim 0.4 point lead over Toomey according to Real Clear Politics.

However, this could change very soon with the first debate between McGinty and Toomey scheduled to air tonight.

The reason for this boils down to experience.  McGinty has never held public office while Toomey has served three terms in the House and now one term in the Senate.  It remains to be seen whether Toomey’s experience will give him an advantage over McGinty.

Because this seat could be the difference between a Democrat-controlled and Republican-controlled Senate, this debate could be a very key event for the makeup of the entire Congress moving forward.