In this election, nothing is impossible. Evan McMullin, a Utah native, is taking his chances on his home state in the 2016 election.

His main goal is to not allow Clinton or Trump to get the 270 electoral votes they need to win Utah. In this case, he would leave it up to Congress to vote him into the White House. These odds are unlikely, but he has not given up.

When McMullin first started his campaign, he was unheard of. But according to a Rassmussen Reports poll released on Monday, McMullin is now in the running with Clinton and Trump. The poll surveyed 750 people by phone, asking who they are going to vote for in this election. McMullin holds 29% of these votes, compared to Trump’s 30% and Hillary’s 28%. The margin of error for this survey is 4%, therefore any candidate stands a chance. Gary Johnson’s numbers dropped to 5% and Jill Stein appears to be off the radar of Utah voters, attaining only 1% of these votes.

If McMullin continues to campaign in Utah and gain more attention of these voters, he just may get what he is wishing for. But will it be enough to gain support of Congress?