Anderson Cooper interviewed Melania Trump on CNN last night for her first appearance since the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape.

Her best strategy may have been to do what Donald didn’t do: explain to the American public that the man on that tape is not the man currently running for president.

Instead, she chose to play the blame game, just as Donald has continued to do. First, she claimed that he was “egged on” by Access Hollywood host at the time, Billy Bush. This argument has not been heard before, as it doesn’t seem that Bush is pushing him to say lewd remarks so much as he is reacting positively to it. Donald is the more powerful figure of the two, so he had more will to say anything he wants and know that Bush would play along.

Secondly, Melania says the Democratic party and Clinton campaign “organized” this attack to make Donald look bad. Considering that the tape itself is evidence that he said those things, the only one that made Donald look bad is himself. Some have argued that the timing of the tape is suspicious, as it was released two days before the second presidential debate. But I think this is trying to lessen the importance of what is on the tape, instead of directly taking responsibility for it.

Lastly, Melania said she accepted Donald’s apology because it was “how some men talk, and that’s how [she] saw it.” Yet, she also claimed that the Donald on the video is not the man she knows. Furthermore, she essentially compared Donald to a child by saying, “Sometimes I say I have two boys at home – I have my young son and I have my husband.”

So which is it Melania? Is the Donald running for president the same man on that tape? Is he just as immature as your young son? Do you forgive him because you believe he has changed, or because you know that this is just how men talk? She was not clear about any of this. If she has provided a succinct reasoning for her decision to forgive him, that may have guided the response of the many women voters that Donald has been losing since the release of the tape.