As most people know by this point, Texas is traditionally a red state.

This year, however, the color of Texas has truly come into the spotlight of the country. A couple of months ago, it was considered purple by a few major media news sources. Then last month, it was largely considered to be completely red with a relatively significant Trump lead.

Usually, Republican candidates have double-digit leads in the state. Now, it looks like Texas may be migrating back to purple with Donald Trump’s lead slipping to four percentage points.

Four points is the margin of error for the poll.

This means, statistically, it is actually possible for Clinton and Trump to be tied in the polls right now. After the week that Trump had last week, with all of his crazy comments that were released, it is no surprise that his poll counts are down.

With her chance of taking the 38 electoral college votes of Texas, Clinton has released advertisements in some of the more liberal metropolitan areas of the state.

If she wins the state, that would be a win for the history books. It still isn’t likely, but every day it seems to look more like a possibility in the tough conservative state of Texas.