Jill Stein is doing the same thing as the other third party candidates to try to rack up votes this election season.

The big idea? If neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton gain the 270 electoral college votes necessary to win the general election across the country, then the decision goes to the House of Representatives, who decides the next President from the top three candidates.

Not two, but three.

This means that third party candidates have a chance, and with the low approval ratings already of both main candidates among undecided and independent voters, it looks like the election going to the House is actually a possibility.

Stein is attempting, in Austin, to convince more voters to support third party candidates.

Although it is widely unlikely that Stein will take the win in the state, or that another third party candidate will, it is still an important consideration when looking at the national picture. If third parties win enough electoral votes, then it won’t really matter what the results of individual states are.