As part of his campaign strategy to secure Maine’s split electoral votes, Trump visited the northern part of Maine last Saturday to hold a rally in Bangor. Trump is doing fairly well in the northern portion of the state and polls are predicting that he takes at least one if not three of Maine’s four votes.

In an effort to rally up supporters (pun intended), Trump bashed the “rigged system” at the campaign event. He attacked the media in particular, by saying that they have pushed false allegations about him, in order to elect Hillary as president. He denied the allegations by saying they are all lies.

It’s pretty wild to watch the full video from the rally. Trump enters to music similar to that of a football team entering the stadium for a football game. He starts by explaining that his economic agenda can be summarized by three words: “Jobs, jobs, jobs,” an important campaign strategy, considering Maine’s 2nd Congressional District is considered the “working-class district.” He then continues to describe points from his national platform.

Trump spends much of his 30 minute speech, bashing Clinton and the Obama Administration, similarly to his latest TV advertisements. At this point in the election, Trump should be focusing on his own positive policy positions, but we know that Trump isn’t a regular candidate, so it is not uncommon to see that he continues to bash the other side at the end of his campaign.

Overall, Trump only slightly mentions Maine in particular; instead, he focuses on the entire campaign and the effects on the entire nation. Will this work in his favor for Bangor residents? In three weeks, we will know.