Overall, during the third and final presidential debate, there were five times that the most considered issues in Texas were mentioned.

The first mentioned issue was immigration and border security, which is prominent in the state because of not only the large population of immigrants, but also the very conservative base of the state. Donald Trump claimed to have an endorsement from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is not at all true.

Second were racial tensions and police shootings, this is prominent in the state and is very controversial, the two candidates provided different solutions to the problem and it will be interesting to see which of the two options is more popular among majority of the state’s population.

The next thing that was mentioned was NAFTA, Donald Trump has a stance that none of the 27 members of the Texas congressional delegation agree with, which shows that he does not have much support in the state for this decision.

Texas used to be a part of the refugee resettlement program, but reconsidered based on concerns of safety and security. Now, Trump’s stance is closer to the state-wide stance on the issue.

The final issue mentioned is one of the most prominent issues in the lives of many, abortion. This is another issue where the state as a whole agrees with Trump.

It will be interesting to see the breakdown of the state’s stances based on these issues and how it influences citizens and their voting decisions in less than a month.