Miley Cyrus was knocking on the doors of unsuspecting George Mason University students in their dorms today as a part of Clinton’s GOTV efforts in Northern Virginia earlier today.

Cyrus definitely hasn’t been shy to express her political views and stances, taking to social media about her disdain for Republican party nominee about Donald Trump. She was knocking on doors this morning to talk to college students about how important this election is for millennial voters.

The Clinton campaign is probably excited to get a celebrity such as Miley Cyrus to be a surrogate. Cyrus is able to speak and resonate with college students, in a way Clinton simply cannot.

Cyrus is an advocate for a myriad of issues.  In 2015, Cyrus founded the Happy Hippie Foundation, which is foundation to working to use the power of younger generation to fight multiple forms of injustice. The Happy Foundation tackles a range of issues from homeless youth to suicide awareness.