Donald Trump gave a major speech in Gettysburg, PA today on multiple topics, including trade relations, immigration, the environment, and governmental procedure amongst others.

One of the major parts of the speech included Trump formally stating that he would withdraw from both NAFTA and the TPP.  He also said that he would label China as a currency manipulator.  Trump discussed a tax break for the middle class and corporations and simplification of the tax code as well.

Concerning immigration, Trump discussed deportation of both illegal immigrants and refugees, as well as a moratorium on immigration from “terror prone regions”.  And of course, he mentioned the border wall.  Trump said that he would pull all funding from UN committees concerning climate change and reinvest that money in improving the nation’s environment ourselves.

These were just a few examples of policies Trump outlined in his speech.  In essence, he basically explained his entire platform.

Trump sounded cool, calm, and collected throughout the entire speech.  He remained on topic and focused more on policies.  Instead of attacking his opponent, Hillary Clinton, he went after the government, the media, and the multiple women who have accused him of sexual assault.  In my opinion, Trump is using this speech as almost a reset for his campaign after the controversies he created during the debates.