Earlier this week, Tim Kaine took a trip out  to Detroit, Michigan to visit FOCUS: Hope, a non-profit dedicated to overcoming racism and poverty. The organization provides food, education and training to any and all different people. It was founded in the wake of the Detroit riots in 1968.

With a group of about 200 people present, Kaine addressed the deep issue FOCUS: Hope has been fighting for decades, poverty. He called it “one of the defining moral issues of 2016 elections.” The choice to speak here was made in order to emphasize the organizations measures taken on this tough issue through different programs.

“The first step is acknowledging we have a problem,” Kaine said. “To fight poverty, you first have to acknowledge it and see it.

“You know that here in Detroit. Detroit has come strongly back to life, you’ve shown an amazing comeback spirit. But you’re just getting started.”

Kaine is a religious Roman Catholic and addressed the issue in biblical terms as well as economic. He told the story from the bible of the Good Samaritan who helped the man on the side of the road who’s been left for dead.

“Here in this country, there are still people on the side of the road and theyre asking for help… The question before us on this election: do we just walk on by, or do we go over and try and help?

“We’re not a nation of people who just walk on by, Hillary Clinton and I, we don’t walk on by,” Kaine stated during the speech.

During the speech, Kaine outlined how Clinton-Kaine will attack poverty head on. This plan includes raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, investing in poverty-stricken communities, increasing tax credit for child care, and improving education by expanding early childhood development and head start programs.

Both presidential candidates have focused a lot of there efforts in Michigan since the primaries. Earlier this month, former President Bill Clinton spoke to address the urgency to sign up to vote by the October 11th deadline. Senator Bernie Sanders also visited Michigan on behalf of Hillary Clinton to speak on the importance of getting her the voter in MI.

Despite Clintons steady lead in the polls, Trump has given Michigan a lot of attention. Since the RNC in July Trump has visited the state five times. He has been hoping to gain votes from the highly unemployed areas of the state.

Clinton is currently up about 10% in the polls against Trump.