As discussed at the very beginning of this blog, Missouri has been a relatively solid red state in the last few election cycles. Because of this, the state has been rarely considered to be in the swing category for the 2016 election. Until recently, the Clinton campaign was not active in Missouri because of it’s solid status . However, this has all changed with the advancement of the Clinton campaign in polls, which puts her in a position to expand her electoral projects. As the election moves closer, and the Trump campaign slides due to the exposure of scandals, some previously red states are coming back into play and this includes Missouri.

According to the RCP poll average for Missouri, Trump is still polling with a six point lead over Hillary Clinton. Even so, this is the lowest his lead has been since since the end of September. Furthermore, these numbers reflect a one point loss in two weeks. With the election fast approaching this is not ideal for Trump’s campaign in Missouri, although he will likely still win at least this state. More concerning to Republicans is a similar trend across the country, making a previously closer race seem increasingly impossible.