Vice President Joe Biden was angry before the offensive Access Hollowood video of Trump surfaced, now Biden is outraged.

At a campaign stop in Pennsylvania last Friday, Joe Biden suggested that he would take Trump “behind the gym” and fight him if the two of them had attended high school together.

Biden has voiced his outrage for Trump’s comments in the video claiming that the actions which Trump claimed to do to women in the video are sexual assault.

The vice-president is constantly on top of calling out Trump for his latest mishaps.

Earlier this month, Trump made comments in Northern Virginia about veteran’s suffering from PTSD and that same night Biden slammed Trump for those comments, calling him ‘ignorant.’

Biden has been a powerful surrogate for Hillary Clinton during this election cycle. He is able to display genuine outrage and passion in a way which we’ve never been able to see from Clinton or really any of her surrogates.

Since his reign as vice-president, Biden’s image has changed to be the lovable uncle figure. Therefore, seeing such a likable public servant publicly outraged by a presidential nominee is powerful in itself.

Today in Ohio, Biden surprised a bunch of Hillary’s volunteers, calling a Trump presidency ‘a nightmare.’

The Clinton campaign can only hope that voters hold the rage of vice-president Joe Biden when they head to the polls November 8th.