In an article released by the Denver Post today, John Frank gives an overview of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s interview that was conducted this morning.

Hickenlooper made it clear that he would support Democratic campaigns for Senate positions that are coming up for election. He has appeared in many campaign commercials and he speaks highly of all of the candidates. He goes on to say that if Democrats are elected for these Senate positions, they would once again take over the majority in the state. This would allow him to pass his legislation more easily. He says that his top priorities in the state right now are “…to get more resources for highway infrastructure and expanding light rail and transit in various places — more money for higher ed.”

As a major surrogate for Clinton in Colorado, Hickenlooper makes it clear to his constituents that he trusts Clinton regardless of allegations made against her. He said that the only reason people have so much distrust in her is the media putting her in a bad light because of all of the years she has been watched. Hickenlooper was actually on Clinton’s list of potential Vice Presidents and is now being considered to serve under her administration if she wins the election in November. If he is decided to serve, it will most likely be as the secretary of agriculture. In the interview, however, Hickenlooper said that he would not be interested in the position if it were to be offered to him.

The interview also covered questions such as specific environmental and budget policies.