On October 24th, Secretary of State Brian Kemp revealed that nearly half a million ballots have been cast in Georgia.

With 578,539 ballots cast, it is evident that Georgians are eager for the election and highly prioritizing their right to vote.

Fulton Co. leads with the most ballots cast in the state of GA (nearly 80,000), and is followed by DelKalb CO. (nearly 46,000). Not far behind are the counties of Cobb, Forsyth, and Gwinnett.

The state has ramped up the early “in-person” voting accessibility in response to the thousands of GA voters who have already begun to return mail-in absentee ballots for the election.

Early voting has been a popular option in prior elections, and showing to continue to be of high importance during this presidential election.

Either in response to voter interest, or as a way to fuel voter participation, the Peach State provides accommodations as a means to encourage GA voters to continue to be active in the system.

The state has provided a texting option to enable citizens to register to vote, an effort to encourage more residents to participate by simplifying the registration process. Other simplified options are provides for a variety of residents, including out-of-state college students. 

In addition, the state has provided a 21-day early voting period for GA residents to utilize, further granting residents the option to vote at their convenience.

Moreover, each of GA’s 159 counties have at least one early voting location open. The location is generally its county’s main elections office; however, many counties with more dense populations have several sites available for early voting.

Although during each election the candidates encourage voter turnout by claiming the current election to be the “most important”, voters are showing that this election is of great significance.

The accommodations by the state in addition to the eagerness of GA residents are showing a high voter priority in the state.