Polling from Maine People’s Resource Center found that Clinton and Trump are still in a dead heat over Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. However, Nate Silver, creator, writer and election predictor at fivethirtyeight.com  has since predicted Clinton’s victory in the district by 9 points.

Reminder: These are only predictions, but have both candidate’s weak in the knees and evaluating their resources in Maine in the closing weeks of campaigning.

Trump is responding by sending his son, Donald Trump Jr. to campaign on his behalf on Tuesday. According to the Maine Republican Party, he will be making stops at a gun shop in Gray, a Trump Headquarters in Auburn, and a hot dog stand in Lewiston. All in the hopes of expanding visibility to the Trump Campaign, and encouraging voters to get out to the polls in Maine.


Clinton has redirected her resources to Texas and Arizona, but she hasn’t forgotten about her friends in Maine. Focusing on local races down the ballot in Maine, the Clinton Campaign has poured their resources into Get Out the Vote efforts in both Maine and Nebraska.

Along with physical efforts to be in Maine, both candidates have significantly increased their spending on advertisements in the Maine media markets, along with national ads.