The Scholastic Student Vote results are in and Georgia students appear to be “with her”.

The Scholastic Student Vote is an educational activity set to get students involved in elections. It provides a means for kindergarteners through high school seniors to express their opinions about elections through online voting or main-in paper ballots.

Students across the nation have voted for their preferred presidential candidate. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won these kids’ votes by a wide margin. With Hillary Clinton receiving 52% of the nationwide vote, republican candidate Donald Trump only received 35%. 

The remaining 13% went to third-party candidates and other “write-in” nominees, with the majority of these miscellaneous votes in support of libertarian Gary Johnson (although he only received 2% of the vote).

Students within southern states, which historically have voted republican, tended to vote as predicted. However, GA turned out to be a surprise.

Although the percentages were closer in GA compared to the nationwide results, Hillary was the preferred candidate among students of the Peach State, with Hillary receiving 48% of the vote, and Trump receiving 37% of the vote.

While the greater majority of these students are not eligible to vote, that does not mean these results hold little significance.The election activity poll has been conducted since 1940, and in only two years have the results not predicted the outcome of the election (the 1948 election and the 1960 election).

The Scholastic Student Vote is not based on a scientifically designed sample of the population; however, that does not signify that there is little importance of the activity. 

Regardless of how the vote is conducted, or how significant the results are, the educational opportunity aims to get students actively involved in the political sphere of society at a young age.