Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine had a joint rally on Saturday in Philadelphia.

The Democratic candidate for President and her running mate both rallied in the Keystone State, attacking Donald Trump and promoting the Democratic Senatorial candidate, Katie McGinty.

This event was held on the same day that Trump delivered a major policy speech in Pennsylvania.

Both candidates are focusing more effort into Pennsylvania, as not only is it still considered a toss-up, but the Senate race could be key for deciding which party is in the majority.

The last two polls released have Clinton’s lead at less than five points: Emerson gives her a four point lead and Remington Research a three point lead.  While both of those leads were outside the margin of error (3.4 points and 2.2 points respectively), her lead over Trump has shrunk from 8.7 points a mere two weeks ago to 5.7 points according to Real Clear Politics.

On top of that, Real Clear Politics also reports that the Republican incumbent Pat Toomey has gained the lead over McGinty in the polls.  McGinty’s half point lead over Toomey last week has become a 1.8 point deficit.