Trump and Clinton have both hosted campaign rallies this week in the swing state of Florida.

Trump spent three days campaigning there, as it is a must-win for him this election. Even if he wins other swing states on November 8, he would still be under the 270 electoral votes necessary if he loses Florida, which has 29 electoral votes.

One part of Trump’s speech continued the narrative of a “rigged election” that he has been pedaling for over a week now. He does this by denouncing the media for unfair coverage of him, as well as claiming that the polls which state he is behind are “phony.”

On the other hand, Clinton does not need to win Florida and only schedule one campaign event on her trip. During that speech, she was accompanied by New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who especially attacked Trump for his past remarks about women.

Although early voting by mail began two weeks ago, yesterday was the first day for early in-person voting in Florida. The latest total has the state at about 1.6 million votes cast so far. This consists of 658,000 Democrats, 665,000 Republicans and 300,000 voters with no party affiliation.