Texas early voting has begun and there has so far been a significant turnout, but with this turnout has come complications. Specifically, there have been complaints in Dallas and a few other areas about voting machines altering the intended votes of many voting citizens.

Allegations have been made by many through the form of social media, with people claiming that they voted straight-ticket Republican, but that a vote for Hillary Clinton had instead been recorded.

Election officials are writing these instances off as user error, which is extremely common, especially because most people do not vote often enough to familiarize themselves with the machines.

All people that mentioned this were given the opportunity to fix their votes in the system, meaning there are no serious consequences for these people.

Any consequences from this situation are likely to regard citizens that do not trust the system or that think the system is rigged, because this is likely to give them what they would consider proof of their stances.

The voting machines are very reliable and they are constantly checked on to ensure that they are working properly. No formal complaints have been filed by voters.

If you or someone you know has any problem at a voting location, notify election officials immediately to ensure that the problem is resolved.