Erik Paulsen, four term republican incumbent of the 3rd district in Minnesota, has completely renounced Trump and has stated he will be writing in Marco Rubio for president this election.

Terri Bonoff, DFL challenger to Paulsen, has been tying Paulsen and Trump together as much of her campaign strategy. Paulsen has spent this time distancing himself from Trump’s campaign; although it was not until the lewd recording involving Trump was released that Paulsen declared he would not be voting for Trump entirely.

In a heavily democratic state, Paulsen has received much republican support in his suburban district just outside the Twin Cities. However, many well-educated republicans have been shying away from Trump and those aligned with him, a fear that has fueled the distinction Paulsen is making away from Trump.

Trump is not effecting Paulsen’s supporters from voting for him again. Republican voter, Lee Zanin, stated, “I am happy with my congressmen…I will not vote for Trump”. Several republicans are following suit and continuing to support Paulsen for a fifth turn although they would never support Trump.