Last Thursday a federal judge extended the deadline to register to vote in Virginia due to widespread malfunctioning of the registration website the day of and day before the original deadline.

The original deadline was on October 17th and the extension of the deadline was Friday October 21st at midnight.

CNN reported that nearly 28,000 voters registered to vote before the extended deadline. According to the Virginia Board of Elections, they received a total 27,952 online registration applications by 11:59pm Friday night and that’s not accounting paper registration forms which may have been handed in.

The Virginia Board of Elections doesn’t register voters under party, so there is no saying how many people from either party make up the number of voters registered within the 36-hour extension.

Hillary Clinton has had a lead over Trump in Virginia for quite some time. According to Real Clear Politics‘s average of polls, she currently has an 8.2 point lead over him in the Old Dominion State.

Earlier this month, NBC News reported that the Trump campaign was pulling out of Virginia and re-shifting its focus onto four key battleground states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and North Carolina. This move was in reaction to Clinton’s large lead in polls, deeming Virginia a lost cause for his campaign.

Despite the last minute surge of Virginia residents registering to vote, this probably will have no effect of the results of the presidential election within the “battleground state.”As long as Clinton gets her VA supporters out to vote November 8th, she’s probably going to win.

However, the court’s decision to extend the deadline was a win for democracy and allowed more citizens to exercise their right to choose the leaders of our country. After all, campaigns and elections are important because they legitimize our government and allow citizens to have a say in what is done with our country.