This past Saturday, Trump gave an unexpected rally down at Regent University in Virginia Beach, leaving many political analysts questioning his reasoning to return to the “too-far-gone” swing state.

During the rally, Trump outlined his first 100 days in office, echoing his speech in Gettysburg, PA the previous day. He discussed the military while in Hampton Roads, given their strong military presence in the region, and advocated for “peace through strength.”

Trump’s Virginia Beach visit has many scratching their head due to his trailing numbers in the polls to Hillary Clinton as well as his decision to stop campaign efforts in the state just recently. Political analysts are calling his visit a misuse of resources when he could be campaigning in states with tight numbers before the election in two weeks.

Even Republican strategists are laughing at Trump’s so-called “strategy.” According to a senior GOP strategist, no one should be looking into Trump’s sudden interest in campaigning in Virginia, given that, “Logic hasn’t applied to anything this campaign has done. It’s time to stop looking for it.”

It doesn’t seem like Trump’s fazed by his critics about going back into Virginia after so much time. During the rally, Trump assured Virginia Beach Virginians that, “In 17 days, we’re going to win the great Commonwealth of Virginia and we’re going to win back the White House.” If all else fails, we can always count on Trump’s ego to kick in when no one else seems to be rooting for him!

This Virginia Beach rally will not be the last Virginia’s seen of Trump. Trump’s children are to speak at several events in Northern Virginia this week, and both Trump and Pence are scheduled to return for more opportunities to sway the battleground state.

The real question is, will Trump’s sudden campaigning in Virginia have an effect on the polls with just two weeks before the election? It feels like everyday is a week during election season!