Trump’s Back on Top

For virtually the entity of this campaign process, the state of Ohio has shifted in the polls from Trump to Hilary, Hilary to Trump, and so it goes.

As I have stated in previous posts, the state of Ohio is crucial to the overall outcome, especially for a GOP candidate. No Republica
n candidate has ever won with out winning Ohio and since 1944, the candidate that wins Ohio ends up winning the election (with the exception of Nixon in 1960 over Kennedy).

It is clear that Trump needs to rally support from the African Americans and the Latinos in Ohio because white voters here historically vote for the GOP candidate. In 2012, Mitt Romney, although ultimately losing the state, won 60 percent of the white vote but lacked support from other ethnicities.

Hilary needs to show  the people of Ohio that even if a vote for her is four more years of Obama, four more years of the system we currently have is better than four years of what Trump would bring to the White House.

Based on a recent poll conducted by Remington Research, Trump is back on top by four percent over Hilary. With less than two weeks left before the official election, it is crucial that these candidates dedicate ample time campaigning in this crucial state if they want to continue the historical trend of winning this state in hopes of winning the election.