Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren campaigned Monday in New Hampshire at St. Anselm College, which was Clinton’s second visit since obtaining the nomination. The event was an attempt to appeal to the progressives in the state that Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders.

Secretary Clinton attacked Donald Trump and the Republican Party but with a twist: she went after down-the-ballot candidates. She questioned Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte’s ability to stand up to Donald Trump and her ability to see him as a role model. This focus on the Senate race in the Granite State shows, according to analysts, a confidence in the Clinton camp on her ability to win the state.

As usual, Clinton also mentioned her policy proposals like early childhood education, debt-free college, and other progressive policies. Interestingly, she mentioned Granite State Republicans’ support of her, in fact 150 Republicans are endorsing Clinton.

Warren went after not only Ayotte, but also Trump for his comments on women. She told Trump that “nasty women are tough, nasty women are smart, and nasty women vote.”