Democrats are out to get Congressional seats in districts that overlap with Oakland County, MI. It, once an unshakeable Republican County, is going to see major impact on Republicans down the ballot if the Trump campaign fails.

In the past five presidential elections the county has voted for the Democratic presidential candidate. In the 2012 election, when Barack Obama won the presidency by 8%, Republicans lost four of their six countywide offices.

The county is still considered a GOP stronghold. The Republicans account for 15 of the 21 county commissioners.

Detroit has contributed to the shift of Oakland becoming more democratic in recent years as it is located in neighboring Wayne County. Recent graduates of the University of Michigan, located in the neighboring county of Washtenaw, are pouring into Oakland, as well.

Democrats plan to take advantage of this shit, and for-see a Clinton win. The party has begun pouring money into congressional campaigns in the county.

Suzanna Shkreli is challenging incumbent Rep. Mike Bishop. His district includes the northern Oakland suburbs. The chances of Shkreli winning this county are slim, but the democratic shift is enough reason to put money into this campaign.

Former state Rep. Vicki Barnett is running against Rep. Patterson. He believes he has nothing to worry about, as he is seeking his seventh term as the county wide executive. On the other hand, she is running a strong campaign that is focused on Patterson’s support of Donald Trump.

Republicans everywhere should be wary of the possible effects of the Trump downfall. Democrats are keeping their eyes open to possible opportunities for congressional seats nationwide.