One of the states that the average United States citizen is least likely to consider a swing state is Texas.

This election is bringing with it many surprises, one of them being that Texas is again being considered as such. This was the case earlier in the General Election, and once Trump regained his lead in the state, he was not expected to lose the majority a second time.

Now, Texas is back to purple and it has become a very interesting situation. Although technically Trump still has a small lead, it is statistically a toss-up between the candidates.

1976, with the election of Jimmy Carter, was the last time that a Democratic candidate won the state. If Trump loses the state, or even wins by a small margin, it could call for a reevaluation of the Republican party.

Texas Votes in the US Presidential Election

Some more liberal cities are represented by Democrats, but no statewide positions are held by them because overall Texas is very conservative.

With the intense Get Out to Vote efforts that Hillary has put forth in the state, it is not impossible for her to win the 38 electoral college votes.

Trump is scaring away the Hispanic population of the state, as well as the Republicans that may be more open to immigration than he is.

Whatever happens next may determine the race.