Last week, a Georgia poll was conducted that presented a gender gap dividing the support of presidential candidates. Trump currently holds a trivial lead over Clinton in the Peach State.

In light of recent allegations framing Donald Trump as a man who has sexually assaulted women, GA females are shifting their support to the democratic candidate.

Since 1988, no republican presidential candidate has won the women’s vote. However, this election, women are increasingly politically active to ensure the republican candidate, Donald Trump, does not receive Georgia’s electoral votes.

A new poll by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows the Democratic former secretary of state narrowly trailing Republican Donald Trump in Georgia.

It has revealed a significant gender gap, finding that Clinton leads with female voters by more than 10 points, while among men, Trump holds a 15 percentage point lead.

In addition, libertarian Gary Johnson has the support of 9 percent of female voters and 8 percent of men.

Women tend to support Clinton but are unsatisfied with both candidates. This fact could further cause women to not take to the polls whatsoever.

Partisan women are appearing to unenthusiastically support Clinton over Trump solely because of the comments he made about forcibly groping and kissing women. Thus, firm republican women who were highly unlikely to vote for Clinton this election are now considering her as a plausible option.

In other words, if Hillary Clinton pulls through the election with a win, the underlying reasoning could be attributed to her gender, as well as the fact that a vote for her is a vote against a “sexist” candidate who “promotes rape culture”.

Further, if Georgia votes “blue” this 2016 election, women voters may be the ones to thank, or blame depending on which side you affiliate yourself with.