Presidential Candidate Donald Trumps false claims have spread like wildfire through his campaign. Most recently, he has begun citing the unsubstantiated myth regarding voter fraud, insinuating the likelihood of a rigged election due to the rampant voter fraud throughout the U.S.

“A lot of call-ins about vote flipping at the voting booths in Texas,” he tweeted earlier this morning, failing to cite any source or report, leading those who do not support Trump to attack him for “false claims”

Whether voter fraud or failed systems leading to un-tallied ballots, many Americans are skeptical regarding the legitimacy of election voting protocol.

Today, a Georgia newspaper reported an incident in question regarding possible “flipping” of citizen’s votes due to a faulty voting machine. The machine was immediately removed after state election officials were made aware of a technical difficulty experienced by one voter.

The article further reported that the resident experienced a problem while attempting to vote, making the the officials that it took three tries to correctly record his choice. The state has received no reports of similar problems elsewhere.

So with no other cases like such, is it a problem of machine “flipping” or voter error? There could be, of course, two sides to the debate.

Regardless, the media presentation of sketchy voting systems and utterances made by opinion leaders such as Donald Trump, result in a distrusting public filled with citizens who will continue to distrust the government until issues are resolved.

And with candidates, such as Trump in this election, who are framed by various media sources to make false claims in order to “save-face” in the case that the election does not result in his favor, the “voter-fraud myth” is likely to remain an issue, which further requires a group of voter-fraud “watch-dogs” to ensure trusting systems and further gain trust by the American people.