Last Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden visited New Hampshire to campaign for Hillary Clinton and, in doing so, attack Donald Trump. The Vice President talked about the last Presidential debate, and criticized Trump for refusing to accept the outcome of the election.

Biden mentioned Trump’s claim that the election will be rigged, and attacked him on refusing to concede if he loses. Additionally, the Vice President attacked Trump’s foreign policy as friendly towards Russia and critical of intelligence officers.

His attack of Trump was also personal and passionate. He questioned Trump’s stupidity based on his attack on our democracy and democratic system.

The Vice President also made the case for democrats down the ballot, specifically Gov. Maggie Hassan. He made the personal case for Hassan, but did not attack Kelly Ayotte which is different than the First Lady’s and Clinton’s approach.

This visit is just one of many that democratic surrogates are having in New Hampshire. They are campaigning hard for the state’s four electoral votes, and believe Hillary Clinton has a real chance of winning the state. The campaigning also is affecting the Granite State’s Senate race, as it is seen by the fact that every Clinton surrogate mentions the Senate seat.