In a political climate like ours today, we have become desensitized to all of the crazy happening within this presidential race. So here are just some news moments that stuck out to me from the past year or so.

Trump’s campaign announcement

 Donald Trump’s campaign announcement was anything, but ordinary. It was at Trump towers in New York City.

The sequence of a “Why I’m Running Speech” is five-fold, starting with biography and then transitioning into issues, then to what sets you apart from other candidates, then there will usually be some narrative hooks or stories, and finally closes out with a positive message.

This is where Trump’s speech sets itself apart.

Trump’s announcement speech is extremely negative and has racist undertones. He talks about the issues and talks about his greatness. He constantly is reminding the audience of his success and how great he would be as a leader of our country.

This speech is where he famously called Mexicans rapists and criminals and mentioned his plan to build a state of the art wall to keep out undocumented immigrants.

Trump ends with claiming that the “American dream” is now dead and that he alone can bring it back to life.

There were also reports that Trump hired actors to cheer in the audience during his announcement.

Melania Trump’s Convention speech plagiarism

Poor Melania.

After Melania’s speech people were quick to notice the resemblances between her speech and Michelle Obama’s convention speech in 2008.

Prior to the speech, both Melania and Donald Trump boasted about how hard she was working on writing and practicing her speech.

It was reported that when Melania was working with her speech writer she mentioned things she liked from previous nominee’s wives’ speeches. Some of which came from Michelle’s speech.

This was headline news the day following the speech and eventually fizzled out.

Booing at the Democratic National Convention 

-Normally conventions serve to unify parties.  However, this year both parties experienced some problems with getting the entire party to stand behind their candidates.

The unification efforts were sewn into Clinton’s new campaign slogan: “Stronger Together” However the message was not enough to settle the unrest felt by Sanders supporters at the convention this years. Hours before the first day of the convention Wikileaks released emails of the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, blatantly favoring Secretary Clinton over Sanders.

A big group of livid Sanders supporters were relentless throughout the convention .Booing various speakers and bawling both when it was officially announced that Clinton would be the party’s nominee and when Sanders gave his speech at the close of the first day of convention.

There were even efforts from “Never Hillary”protesters occurring outside of the Philadelphia Convention Center.

At one moment, Sarah Silverman called the protestors in the room out for booing her and others who got behind Clinton as the nominee

Trump running his own twitter account 

-This is one of the more interesting elements of this election. Trump for the most part is running his own twitter and handing off the account to staff during the debates.

Running his own twitter has gotten Trump is trouble during this campaign cycle. When the Clinton Campaign brought Alicia Machado’s story to the spotlight during the first presidential debate and in campaign videos it was evident that these actions got to Trump.

It was headline news that Trump was ranting on twitter criticizing the media and writing lies about Machado being in a sex tape.

The 2005 Billy Bush Video

It is obvious that the now famous Access Hollywood of Donald Trump and Billy Bush was a pretty jarring bit of news within this election cycle.

It was a audio of a Presidential candidate using language that he now calls “locker room” talk. Trump insinuated in the video that because he is a celebrity he can do whatever he wants to women.

The video was released just a few days before the second Presidential debate.

As a form of apology for the released audio, Trump first attempted to reduce the offensiveness of his words by claiming that he’s heard former President Bill Clinton say much worse.

Then Trump released a video where he stiffly read a statement expressing his regret, but was all over the place with his messaging continuing to attack the Clintons in a point of weakness for him.

The Second Debate 

There is so much to say about this debate. To begin, Trump held a press conference with Bill Clinton’s past accusers. This was political stunt that was unprecedented and came as an actual surprise.

Then during the debate Trump was very confrontational towards Clinton, bringing up her husband’s past indiscretions and her emails multiple times.

At one point, Trump even claimed that if he is to win the presidency, he claimed that he would make it his attorney general’s mission to get justice for Clinton’s indiscretions as Secretary of State, by finally sentencing her.

A presidential nominee threatening to jail his/her political opponent is unprecedented and for some a scary notion.

***BONUS crazy moment: VP Biden essentially saying he wishes he were in high school with Trump so he could fight him. 

Check out my post from last week about Uncle Joe getting feisty at a rally talking about Donald Trump and his locker room talk.