Today, Tim kaine, the democratic vice presidential candidate, traveled to Detroit with the election countdown in single digits. His intentions were to spread the message to vote for himself and Hilary Clinton come election day on November 8th.

At 4:30 PM he spoke at a campaign rally in Taylor at a United Workers Hall in front of 500 people.

At the Rally, Kaine emphasized that he and Clinton plan to create a future that promotes equal opportunities for everyone. He spoke on their plan to increase minimum wage, and to ensure equal pay for women.

When asked about the recent re-opening of the Clinton Email investigation, Kaine said the FBI is unsure whether the emails are to or from Mrs. Clinton.

After the rally, Kaine stoped at the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights banquet hall in Warren to speak with another group of 500 people.

Tomorrow, Cher will begin her campaign stops for the Clinton campaign. Her first stop will start at 12:30 PM, and is located at Western Michigan University. At 3:00 PM she will stop at Michigan State University, and then travel to Flint for an event at 6:00 PM. These events are all open to the public.

She will close the night with a Halloween fundraiser at the home of attorney Joumana Kayrouz in Bloomfield Hills. The funds will go towards the democratic party and the Clinton Campaign.

Republican nominee, Donald Trump, will also be in Michigan on Monday for his sixth time since the Republican National Convention. This visit back to Michigan indicates that the Trump Campaign still sees Michigan as a possible red state.

He will start the day at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids for a noon rally. At 3:00PM, he will attend another rally at Macomb Community College’s Expo Sports Center.

Michigan can expect to see a lot from both presidential candidates in the following days before the election.