Mark Thomas, state elections director of Utah is growing more and more nervous that Utahans will not vote in the 2016 election.

In the 2012 election, 80% of Utah voters cast their vote – mainly because the GOP candidate was Mitt Romney. This year, these voters seem less inspired by the candidates.

So far, 20% of registered democrats have participated in early voting, as well as 11% of registered republicans, and 12% of unaffiliated voters.

Thomas wants voters to remember that the Presidential election is not the only election these voters should be inspired by. There will be many other positions to fill on the ballot, such as U.S senate, House districts, governor, and state school board positions. He reminds voters that these positions have a huge impact on the lives of Utah Voters, so they should familiarize themselves with the candidates running for these positions, and not only the presidential candidates.