The numbers have been back and forth in the polls throughout September and October. Clinton was leading statewide, then Trump had a hold on the 2nd District, and now polls are showing a Clinton lead once again.


The latest poll included both early voters and still, some undecided voters. The results of the five day poll show Clinton leading in the state with 48% of people surveyed, saying they will be voting for her on Election Day, compared to Trump’s 37%.

This poll may be the cause of her continued effort to campaign in the state or it may be the reunification of the Democratic Party as we get closer to decision time.

As I reported earlier, Clinton has surrogates campaigning for her in the state including a visit from former contender, Bernie Sanders. Clearly, he has proven to be a positive factor in the Clinton campaign, as he is returning to Portland on Tuesday, November 1 to stump for Clinton and rally up his supporters for the Democratic presidential contender.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders urges a crowd at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor to vote for Hillary Clinton for president.           Micky Bedell | BDN

Looking back to the primary season, Sanders received much support from the Northeastern state of Maine, so it is up to him now, to channel that support for Hillary and make sure that those voters get to the polls. We’ve read all these speculations that the lack of support for either candidate is going to decrease voter turnout overall.

In these last few days, the campaigns are really going to be focusing on getting their partisans to the polls. They are focusing less on swinging undecided or independent voters, because, frankly, it’s just so late. Instead, both campaigns, along with their coordinated committees will be putting all of their resources into “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) efforts, to make sure voter turnout doesn’t drop as low as we think it is going to.

The GOTV effort clearly explains why Bernie is headed back to Maine in these last days before the election. He’s got to mobilize the Bernie supporters and get them out to the polls to vote for Clinton and the rest of the Democrats on the ballots in Maine.