GA residents are revealing to be especially active in early voting participation this 2016 campaign season.

Early balloting is further supposed to increase prior to the state’s deadline for early voting, which is Friday, November 4th.

As the candidates campaigns come to an end, the Peach state will enter its busiest week of early voting prior to election day.

At this point in the 2012 election, early balloting was not nearly as significant as it has shown to be during this 2016 election.

In fact, as of Monday morning, more than 77,500 early ballots have been recorded in comparison to four years ago.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney won the popular vote with 53.4% of votes.

With many republicans unhappy with President’s performance in the weeks leading up to the 2012 election, and a 45% disapproval rate overall, it is not shocking that there was a greater push to vote Romney into office.

Moreover, Gallup’ final election survey in 2012 gafound that 96% of registered voters were in strong support of the Romney/Ryan campaign, a statistic which will not be found this election for certain, as Trumps favorability continues to decline among republicans.

After the “lewd” comments made by Trump went viral, his favorability dropped 3% among republicans, resulting in a 64% favorable rating among the party.

In prior years the traditionally red state has voted for the republican party candidate by considerably large margins.

With recent polls revealing a near deadlock between the candidates, this rate of early voting is intriguing.

The spike could be a result of the presence of the election by nearly all media outlets, as well as the framing of the necessity to vote this election, as it is popularly presented as “the most important election yet”.

The increased early voting could also be a sign of the flipping of the state from red to blue, as Trump’s campaign continues to be