On Saturday, Trump held a rally in Jefferson County Colorado. According to a Denver Post article, he focused mainly on mail-in ballots and early voting. Trump has been making claims that the election is rigged since the primaries and he used this time as another opportunity to continue this theme.

Trump claimed that county officials had the ability to decide which ballots they would keep and which they would throw away in regards to the mail-in ballots. Of course he does not have any proof of this corruption, however he makes it clear that he does not appreciate or approve of it.

Although it is too soon to tell for sure, Clinton has a clear lead in the state as far as early voting. However, the gap between the candidates is expected to continue narrow as more people send in their votes.

Trump continues to urge his supporters to vote but tells them that he would prefer that they vote in-person in order to avoid the clear corruption in the electoral system.

On Sunday, Trump held another rally in Greeley, Colorado where he spoke about this same corruption.

However, Democratic Representative Ed Perlmutter, who is also a surrogate for Clinton in Colorado, claims that the Clinton campaign has no reason to worry about securing the Colorado electoral votes.

According to Nate Silver, an election forecaster, Clinton has remained a pretty steady lead in Colorado among many of the big polls. She has an approximately 78.8 percent chance of winning the state.

Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, is expected to be campaigning for Clinton in the upcoming week in Aurora and Boulder.