Trump spoke in Warren, Michigan today at his rally scheduled for 12:00 PM. The Halloween day rally filled the arena in Grand Rapids, which filled 5,000 seats, and had about 1,000 people fill a standing section in the front. Many of these supporters came out decked in political costumes.


One women sported an orange prison jump suite with the name Clinton on the back, another, Mary Simcox, came dressed as Lady Liberty. Two young boys were spotted dressed as Trump and Abraham Lincoln.

Trump came out almost an hour and a half late for the event. Before the rally came to a close many of the attendees left the event before Trump finished his speech due to his tardiness.

With a little over a week until the election, the Trump campaign will focus extensively on trying to win over voters in Democratic states including Michigan. The state hasn’t voted for a Republican Presidential Candidate since George H. W. Bush in 1988.

On Friday, Comey released a letter revealing an FBI investigation of Clintons emails has been re-opened. With the renewed Clinton email scandal, Trump focused on the “constitutional crisis” that may arise from Clinton being elected.

Trump promised to rebuild Detroit and Flint if he is elected. He spoke of plans to bring back jobs to Michigan that have been lost to oversea manufacturing, and promised tax cuts to corporations and the middle class.

Trump has been closing the gap in Michigan polls following the news of the renewed Clinton scandal. Polls show Clintons previous 11% gap over Trump closing to about 6%. Clinton has received 45 percentage points while Trump has received 38.8 percentage points in the polls. Clinton has not been loosing voters, but Trump has been gaining them in recent days.

It will be interested to see what Trump has in store for battle ground states like Michigan in the following days.