As the elections nears, it is becoming more and more obvious that Colorado is not as “blue” as the Clinton campaign assumed. Polls are showing the gap is narrowing significantly (she is now only ahead by around 4 points) and there is a real potential of Trump being able to win the state. Assuming she had the Colorado electoral votes in the bag, the Clinton campaign stopped campaigning or visiting Colorado in an effort to save resources.

Upon realizing that this is in fact not the case, the campaign has began to make efforts to get the state back. Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, is made an appearance in Aurora today and will be visiting Boulder tomorrow. She is campaigning for her mother and urging voters to send in their mail-in ballots as soon as they can because they have to be in by next Tuesday or they will not be counted.

In addition to Chelsea’s visits, Bill Clinton will be making stops Pueblo, Denver, and Fort Collins on Friday.

Clinton will also begin to air her advertisements again in Colorado for the final week of the campaign for the first time in months. The ads are expected to air in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction.

The Trump campaign is also increasing their efforts in Colorado, as they see a window of opportunity as the race narrows. Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, will be holding a rally at the Larimer County Fairgrounds tomorrow evening.