This year’s presidential election is creating grand divides across the country, and in Texas it is no different.

Young Texas voters are using political beliefs to determine how they feel about each other.  This is breaking up relationships, from base-level friendships to long-term intimate relationships.

Throughout the entire general election, people have been letting personal beliefs become more divisive than usual.

Are you a Trump supporter? There is an entire list of stereotypes about you that the general Hillary supporter will hold. The same concept works the other way as well; Hillary supporters are likewise stereotyped by Trump supporters.

The problem with this is that people are not even considering the reasons behind the decisions being made by others, they are basing their opinions purely on the name being filled in on the ballot.

Opinions are leading to a judgement that is tearing people apart and completely preventing equal-mindedness.

There is no longer the option, among many young Texas voters, to agree to disagree.