On October 31st Georgia’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of a law which prohibits guns within locations of school functions.

In a simultaneous challenge, a gun rights activist group GeorgiaCarry.org pressed for the passing of a law which would allow guns to be carried within school safety zones; however, the law passed which prohibits the  use of firearms at school functions cancels out the efforts by the gun rights group.

This past April, Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 826, allowing licensed owners to carry firearms onto school property. The following day, Deal signed House Bill 60 which stated that guns would only be allowed on school property when the licensed carrier was in the process of dropping off or picking up a student

In any other case not stated within HB 60 where a firearm was carried into school zones, the presence of any firearm on school property was specifically prohibited.

As these two acts contradict one other, attention was brought to the Code Revision Commission in order to revise the issue. The Commission determined that since HB 60 was signed following HB 826, the act which enables more strict provisions trumps the first.

The issue surrounding gun rights is a federal issue concerning many Georgians.

During this election this issue is at the forefront of debate.

Republican vice president candidate Mike Pence stated in January 2016 that gun ownership increases public safety, an assertion that many Georgians find themselves aligned with.

Around the same time, presidential candidate Donald Trump made his position clear by stating that under his presidency there would be no limits on guns, as they save lives. His opinion is that increased gun violence is attributed to mental illness.

Especially crucial and dependent on the election is the US Senate race which is further impacted by the debates over making gun regulations more strict.

With the 2016 election brings anticipation of states with a high proportion of gun right advocates, thus, any movement made by individual states to tighten laws is frightening for individuals who highly value their second amendment rights.