Today 213 high schools across Minnesota held mock elections imitating this month’s coming general election. 213 out of 280 schools have held elections so far, with Trump’s 35% beating out Hillary’s 33%. Various other candidates on the ballot received the other 32%. Substantially, write-in votes receiving 9.2%, Vacek/Eworth (Legalize Marajiuana Now) receiving 5.93%, and Johnson/Weid (Libertarian) received 5.68%. These statistics will be updated throughout the week, but with 76% of schools reporting the outcome is surprising.

Minnesota is a heavily blue state, with over 80% reporting to favor Hillary over Trump. It is unclear why there is such a discrepancy between the teenaged population and the voting age that has been reporting throughout the current campaign. When taking the age of the demographic, I am sure students voted on single issue topics they believe are “cool”, and obviously many took advantage of the write-in option, an option that is not significantly used in “real” elections. I am looking forwarded to seeing how other Minnesota high schools report throughout the week.