Economists think so.

As Election Day approaches, many United States citizens are spending time thinking about possible outcomes of the presidential election. One person thinking about such outcomes is a MIT professor, Simon Johnson.

Johnson, after looking at many factors, has come to the conclusion that a Trump presidency would lead to horrible happenings in the economy.

According to Johnson, Trump’s anti-trade policies would likely become the start of an economic slowdown and a world-wide recession. He compares and connects this possibility to the recent British problems that have stemmed from the leaving of the European Union.

A Hillary Clinton presidency, to most economists, is better simply because there is a higher degree of certainty due to the likelihood that she will stick to the status quo.

Trump would probably be supported by oil companies because he aims to repeal regulations on traditional energy, but with this the country would see a sharp decline in renewable energy and if climate change were not real before, this would surely make it happen.

Donald Trump also would likely cause unfortunate financial situations with regards to AT&T and Time Warner, two major companies that plan to merge (an idea that Trump is not a fan of).

There is also no predictability in who would become chair of the Federal Reserve, and whomever Trump nominates would most likely not do particularly beneficial things for the economy.

All in all, a Trump presidency does not look particularly positive for the economy.