How cool is President Obama?

President Obama took to snapchat today to encourage young voters to get out and vote for Hillary Clinton.

The President was featured on a snapchat episode of “Good Luck  America.” This is a snapchat series that is featured in the “discover” section of snapchat.

The episode was actually pretty informative for a snapchat story format. The host gave a lot of background on Obama and Clinton’s history, as well as the aspects of the political race. It even featured videos of Clinton and Obama butting heads at moments in the 2008 Democratic primary.

There was also an analysis of Obama’s effectiveness as a surrogate. It speaks about Obama’s appeal to millennials and how the Obama campaign integrated social media and new technology in to his campaigns, as well as his time in office.

In the episode’s interview, Obama really drives some of Clinton’s main messages: 1) that she’s a fighter 2)that she’s always been fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves 3)she will fight for you.

Obama mentioned that he himself was not completely in tune with the social media movement, but he hired young staffers who were, which made him able to reach a whole new audience of supporters.

He proceeded to talk about how “young people” need to be a driving force in politics because so many great things and ideas have come about from young people. He also gave friendly advice that when we receive information via social media that peaks our interest, we should read the links and articles and become informed. And this is why we love Obama. Us, young people love Obama because Obama loves us and wants us to be the best most informed young citizens we can be.

Obama appearing on snapchat and talking directly to younger generations is something the Clinton campaign desperately needs. Clinton has an extremely hard time appealing to millennials and those are the votes Clinton needs to win this election.

At the end of the snap-isode, Obama is the one who is making the snapchat. He speaks directly into the I-phone’s selfie camera with an excellent GOTV appeal: “If I can figure out how to snapchat, you can figure out how to vote.”