Last night, Pence held a rally in Loveland, Colorado where he spoke about opponent Hillary Clinton in regards to her e-mails and Benghazi. Pence also pointed out the new poll coming out of the University of Denver, which suggests that Clinton and Trump are tied in popular votes in the state.

This is very different than the state was at the beginning of the general election season. For a long time, Colorado was thought to have been secured by Clinton as the state has become overwhelmingly democratic in more recent years. The state voted for Obama in the last two elections, was the first in the country to legalize abortion, and was the first to legalize recreational marijuana.

One veteran pollster said that the gap narrowing was not surprising because the new e-mail information that has been released by the FBI has created a negative environment for Clinton.

Among those who have already voted, Clinton is in a significant lead at 45% whereas Trump sits at 38%. However Republicans remain optimistic because these statistics don’t reflect recent polls.

Chelsea Clinton made an unscheduled appearance in Boulder this morning in order to continue urging voters to vote early or to be ready to vote on Tuesday. This area is especially important because of the University in the city, where students tend to lean more liberally.

In an interview, she said she would continuing putting in efforts until the last day of the campaign. She also ran phone banks and other canvassing efforts in the area.