Wednesday morning, Donald Trump Jr. spoke at Michigan State University to a group of more than 200 people with less than a week till election day. Most of whom were college-age students.

Trump Junior played off of the general distrust of government and politicians. Saying, his dad, as an outsider, cares about the people, and is not like politicians who only care about getting themselves re-elected. “He’ll take on politicians on both sides who’ve failed us.” He called out politicians in both parties for being untrustworthy, and self-interested, to make the businessman’s interest in the presidency seem genuine, and for the people.

He talked on his fathers plan to deregulate developers and small business.  “Imagine opening up your doors and you have to go through the Dodd Frank thousands of pages of nonsense written by bureaucrats in D.C. That’s the problem with these politicians they do that for job security,” Trump Jr. said.

Outside the MSU union ballroom doors, protestors came fueled with anger towards the Republican candidates racist rhetoric. The group, of apporximately 50 multiethnic people, chanted Black Lives Matter, and held signs like “Dump Trump.”

Selena Hupilli, a junior at MSU, and a member of Culturas de las Razas Unidas, a student organization at the university, participated in the protest. She is a Mexican-American and when asked by reporters why she is protesting she responded by saying, “(Trump) is attacking my parents, my family, my ancestors, my fellow Mexican Americans here on this campus.” This experience gave her a chance to confront a situation, and person that negatively affects her.