While Hillary Clinton is falling in Pennsylvania polls, the Democratic candidate for Senate, Katie McGinty, is gaining in the polls.

Real Clear Politics has Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump at 3.4 points, which is down from 5.0 points a week ago and 6.2 points two weeks ago.  Clinton has been falling in the polls recently across the board, probably in part to the renewed interest in her email controversy due to FBI Director James Comey reopening the investigation against her.

But while Clinton’s lead has fallen significantly recently, the Senate race is seeing the exact opposite happening.  Katie McGinty has erased a 1.7 point deficit to Republican incumbent Pat Toomey a week ago to jump to a 4.5 point lead over Toomey.  In fact, every poll that Real Clear Politics uses in it’s aggregation in the past week has had McGinty with some sort of a lead over Toomey.

While the Clinton team might be worrying about the poll numbers in what seemed like a safe state for her just a week or two ago, Democrats are primed to win another seat in their quest to retake the Senate.