Today, November fourth, Hillary Clinton spoke at an event in Detroit, MI four days before the presidential election. This is the closest to election day a candidate has come to the state since John Kerry in 2004 when he visited the day before the election.

Donald Trump held rallies on monday, and has had many surrogates speak on his behalf in the state. Including his three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump, and Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence.

Recent polls have also seen the large lead Clinton held in earlier weeks close. Today, Clinton is averaging about a 5 percentage point lead. At her peak, she was had over an 11 point lead.

The event was filled with 4,100 people. The event began a half hour late due to long lines. It centralized around getting out the vote. Detroit Mayer Mike Duggan started off the event, and made sure to mention how close this election truly is. It is vital to get out and vote if you do not want Trump to win Michigan.

She attacked Trump several times during her speech, and pointed out, “if my opponent were to win, we’d have a president who’s only ever been in it for himself.”

She spoke on a large range of issues from education to the Flint water crisis. She blamed  Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and his environmental department experts, for letting the issue in Flint slide. She promised federal partnerships with Detroit and clean water. Clinton did not forget to mention that she wants the people to hold her accountable for her promises if elected.

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow closed out the event reminding voters the amazing historical moment that will occur if Clinton is elected the first female president. “This Tuesday, we have the chance for the first time in our country’s history to truly show — not tell — show every little girl that just like her brother she can dream the biggest of dreams and make them happen in America,” Stabenow said. These last remarks are sure to resonate with Clinton supporters.